Each year more and more men are having wrinkle relaxing and it is now estimated that men account for 10% of people having wrinkle relaxing injections. Male celebrities both in Hollywood and in the UK such as Simon Cowell, who reportedly said that wrinkle relaxing was a regular part of his beauty regimen, have shown time and time again the advantages of wrinkle relaxing for keeping you looking fresh faced and young. This has helped to distance the old association of cosmetic treatments just being for women.


Everybody chooses to get cosmetic treatments for a variety of reasons. However the most common reason is to gain a confidence boost, whether that’s someone in their mid 20’s looking to tackle the early stages of ageing or a man in his late 40’s who wants to revitalise his appearance.

Dr Hindora offer treatment for men including

1. wrinkle relaxing to relax lines in the face such as eyes wrinkles and frown lines
2. injections to control underarm sweating.
3.Chemical peels to rejuvenate face and reduce fine lines and give younger look

4. Jaw shaping with Dermal Fillers to give muscular Hollywood look

5 . treatments to get ride of double chine by localised injections of lipolysis safe material to burn stubborn fat